Francesca Esker not an official queen neither legit business owner


IMG_1769HEADS UP! I just got ripoff by a pinup woman name Francesca Esker using the following underground non register business or brand names: Lexico Fashion, Lexico Fashion Productions, Lexico Productions, LexiCo Fashion Models, Lexico Fashion Production.

Pin up Francesca Esker

Pin up Francesca Esker

I worked in couple of her productions at various areas in Los Angeles. Francesca Esker promise to pay me but she owe me alot of money for my services.

Pin up Francesca Esker at Venice Beach, CA.

Francesca Esker is a self promoter, not an official queen, she has been uncrowned and dethroned by the organization where she participated as pageant contestant.
Francesca Esker is not even a SAG-AFTRA paid member because she has no money neither real movie role credits.
This woman should be banned from all red carpet events. Look the photos she post on social media, they look gross.

Sources tells us that at the free acting industry showcases she got none casting calls from any movie directors because she acted so desperate.

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