Tenants Feeling Discriminated and Retaliated by Sherman Oaks based LBPM Property Management.

Image credit to: PRLog

Apartment Renters Getting Threats and Living Nightmare by Southern California LBPM Property Management.

LOS ANGELES – Aug. 5, 2017 – PRLog — This is something that keeps happening in Los Angeles. Property investors buy properties and then want to make huge profits.

EE, AL & AV, very good tenants and paying their rent on time since 4/2013 each month to the present are living a nightmare due to the fact that they’re getting threats from a law office of Felman, Daggenhurts & El Dabe on behalf of (LBPM) a property management in Southern California San Fernando Valley areas who is not an accredited member of  Better Business Bureaus. LBPM Property Management has lots of negative reviews on Yelp from landlords and tenants.

Since the new property owner purchased the apartment complex, he hired the worst property management in San Fernando Valley that does not fix things at the tenants units neither take care of the property.

The tenants have filed a complaint with the LA Housing and Community Investment Department for failure and violations of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO).

Also tenants feel this is retaliation which is against the city of LA Housing and Community Investment Department. Also tenants been discriminated because they speak Spanish to the property management staff that may have mental issues.

To the future tenants and property owners if you don’t want to live on a nightmare, then think before you do business with a disgrace and unprofessional organization such as LBPM.

Tenants knows their rights and knows the landlord obligations to them. Tenants will utilized any resourches to stop this kind of retaliation and discrimination.

At this time, tenants law office is looking to the letters and will reply to the law office.

Source: PRLog

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