David Harrison Levi the Embarrassment and Clown of Hollywood

David Harrison LeviDavid Harrison Levi the clown of Hollywood David Harrison Levi, David Harrison Levi – Starmaker David Harrison Levi the clown of Hollywood using OSCARS, SAG, GRAMMYS trademarks without been a voting member of those organizations Beverly Hills California

ALERT TO ALL CONSUMERS! THIS GUY David Harrison Levi, the clown of Hollywood is taking advantage and brainwashing all you about Breast Cancer. He is a sic mania manipulating all you about his sister that suppossed die of cancer. He have found your soft heart by brainwashing you that he is concern and helping to find a cure for cancer, however have you wonder where is the money going? ask him for proof! don’t just be stupid!
Do you know that the media/press do not take him seriously because he is a clown! All those photographers are not legit media, they are just freelance commercial photographers and videographers are trying to make a living from the people that attend the event.
He do not care if you sister, mom, dad, son, daughter, etc died of cancer, he is just monetizing on your pain and suffering. Google the guy, he has bad reputation and you should not be a stupid person that trust somebody who is nobody.
I did Google this guy name David Harrison Levi and his reputation is not good enough to believe him. The real media/press event do not take him seriously because he is known as a clown. So I am just concerned that you are letting this man brainwash you without checking his background. I have done some homework for you so please check the following links.

Source: http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/david-harrison-levi-the-clown-of-hollywood/beverly-hills-california-90210/david-harrison-levi-the-clown-of-hollywood-david-harrison-levi-david-harrison-levi-sta-1116225

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One Response to David Harrison Levi the Embarrassment and Clown of Hollywood

  1. jenn macfar says:

    THis is so great!! This guy friended me on MySpace when I posted an image of a very plump dark haired schoolgirl in a prim black and white outfit with luscious red lips…. His page was full of beatles pin-ups interspersed with psychedelic rainbow acid-trip background wallpaper… I was thankful though, because he was friends with Woody Allen, whose MySpace really made me laugh!


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