Kat Kramer (Katharine Kramer), daughter of Stanley Kramer Copyright Infringement Violation

On Friday, February 10, 2012 Diversity News Productions/Publications announced that the person who stole their video footage via illegal downloading, is Stanley Kramer’s daughter Katharine Kramer, a.k.a. Kat Kramer of KNK Productions.

As announced, Diversity News TV from Diversity News Productions/Publications learned on Friday, January 27, 2012 that one of their media event coverage videos had been downloaded and then re-uploaded on YouTube by an event producer, creating a copyright infringement.

(Video link

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZNyi8JfRr0) or view here above.

Diversity News Publications immediately issued an invoice to the company for the footage, including a Notification of Copyright Infringement and Unauthorized Use of Diversity News TV footage. Diversity News TV (dba Diversity News Productions/Publications) gave this company and its representatives a 10 day deadline to comply with due billed payment, but as of the date of this press release have refused to pay, claiming lack of money. Diversity News Productions/Publications were unable to release the identity of the person and company until now, as the payment deadline has now passed.
As of Wednesday, February 8, 2012, selected media/press, photographers, non profit organizations, Hollywood publicists, TV and Radio Stations, including online top news and entertainment media websites have been notified of this individual who decided to steal Diversity News TV video from YouTube, where it clearly states by YouTube that you can not download any content from their site.
“I have been violated, disrespected and can not believe that the person(s) who did this are in the film/studio industry. They, of all people, should know and respect others intellectual property. I am shocked to learn about the ignorance of Ms. Kat Kramer for taking this action. I never expected something like this from a family related to a legendary movie director and producer like Mr. Stanley Kramer. I am very sure Mr. Kramer would not be happy with what Kat has done to us, if he were still alive. I have no other option but to disclose her identity and organization. I want you all to be cautious of Kat Kramer and please do not provide her with any media/press coverage because she does not deserve that respect”. said Esteban Steven Escobar, Executive Editor-In-Chief of Diversity News Magazine, President of Diversity News Publications and Producer and Director of Diversity News TV.
Mr. Escobar continued, “One of Diversity News TV from Diversity News Productions/Publications goals is that we are committed to investigating licensing infractions not only to protect our interests, but also to protect the interests of the photographers, videographers, and hosts we work with and represent. We are committed to protecting the intellectual property rights and livelihood of the artists whose work we license. We gave Ms. Kat Kramer and KNK Productions Inc. enough time to make things right but as of this press release they have shown no respect and apparently do not care what will happen next due to the fact that they claim not to have money. It is sad that Kat Kramer has been using her dead father’s name for years, to walk red carpets and gain entrance to prestigious events in Hollywood. I ask those event producers to stop allowing a woman like Kat Kramer to destroy her father’s respected name. For her to continue to acquire free access and showcase herself on red carpets where she clearly does not belong just because of her father’s legacy is ridiculous. She has no talent at all.”

As of Thursday, February 9, 2012 a letter was mailed to Kat Kramer and KNK Productions’ attorney Altschul & Olin LLP asking him to ask his client to pay us for our footage or we may pursue litigation in court. The deadline given to them was 5 days from the day they received the letter from Steven Escobar of Diversity News TV from Diversity News Productions/Publications’ law office of PARKER STANBURY LLP.

Diversity News TV or Diversity News Magazine does not give permission to anyone to download or upload image(s) or video(s) from their sites. Anyone is free to use the links or link their coverage and even copy the embedded code, but not to download or upload our content. Copyright infringement is the unauthorized or prohibited use of works under copyright, infringing the copyright holder’s exclusive rights, such as the right to reproduce or perform the copyrighted work, or to make derivative works. It often refers to copying intellectual property without the creator’s written permission.

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