Super Special Rooftop Party & American Music Awards Preparty

published on November 21, 2011

Everything written below is to be taken as opinion only.
I personally can not prove any allegations.
This event was advertised as Mario Lopez Charity event. Original date was Oct 9th for  Mario Lopez B-day. Was Mario even there?
The Presidential Inner Circle is hosting Extra’s TV Mario Lopez’s Private Rooftop Birthday Party  Benefiting Rally For Kids.
The above statement was taken from the link below.
If the link above gets deleted I made a word doc of it here.
Click to view –>mario lopez bday
OK…. Well I am not real sure how to start this. Hopefully I don’t offend too many people. First I want to say it was great seeing the 100′s of people that I knew at the event last night. I have been out of that loop for awhile so it was pretty cool to hang out and mingle with everyone. It seemed like everyone was in good spirt and enjoying themselves.
On a later note… Being to so many events and red carpets of various caliber I think I am qualified to make these statements. This event drew several hundred people, and to the organizers it would appear as a successful event. And it might have been for some people as onlookers from the side walk were amazed by what was going on.
This event was at the very top the most disorganized redcarpet that I have ever attended.  Next to the LA Music Awards last week. The staff on hand, although I am sure had good intentions, not one of them had any clue how to handle a capacity of this size. The carpet was flooded with B and C list talent…
When real talent showed up to do the carpet they were asked to wait until the not so talented people finished posing for the cameras. 
But it was only every once in awhile that you would see a person come on to the carpet that actually had some notoriety. I think a total of about 10 people the whole night fit in that category.
Its funny how these people that get paid to handle celebrities have no idea when there is a real celebrity standing right infront of their face. Simply amazes me. If I was one of the celebs last night, and was asked to wait for a nobody to get off the carpet before I was allowed on, I think I would just excuse myself from the event all together.
All in all everyone looked fabulous and seemed to be having a good time.
There are about 6 different circles of people that attend various events that I am familiar with. Last night they all ended up at the same place, talk about cross promoting. I must have known every photographer and 50% of the guests that attended last night.
As everyone keeps saying  how small Hollywood is. I believe people are just starting to merge together. It seems the Hollywood circle is getting bigger. But the truth is, the real Hollywood, where the real celebrities are have a small close circle. Which is probably where they all were last night because they sure weren’t at this so called celeb event.
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