Self-promoter David Harrison Levi and Followers Apparently Escorted Out by Security in Hollywood

posted on June 30, 2011

Truth or “Con”-sequences? A witness reports that self-promoter David Harrison Levi and his followers were apparently escorted out of Café Entourage by security in Hollywood.
After others and ourselves have been fooled a couple of times, we started to investigate some of the promotions and actions of Levi and noticed numerous possible misrepresentations of the truth, some people might call that lies or maybe even “conning”? It is time to speak up.
Sometimes enough is enough. But let’s take a look, judge for yourselves. We’ve been watching for some time now the shenanigans of David Harrison Levi, self proclaimed promoter, Starmaker, Breast Cancer Awareness man, flag waver and fighter for the downtrodden, as  well as “award winning”, “I got a certificate” cause  sufferer of the dying and recently dead, if you can believe that!? And let’s not forget, self-professed, lifelong, dearly devoted, friend to such people as Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr, just to name a few. By the way until we see actual proof of each claimed “lifelong” mutual friend relationship that he publicly claims he’s a part of (uhhhh, casual encounters, a one-time event, arranging or jumping into a photo at an event, or Photoshopped photos don’t count as proof)

And some of his representations of a recent event he tried to hold a few nights ago just scratches the surface of what appears to be a small example of his constant and numerous misrepresentations of the truth over a year or more. Some people might call these out-right lies, fantasies, and / or cons. You be the judge.
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