Hope 4 Children Foundation charity event at The Kress ghetto bar in Hollywood

On Saturday, June 19, 2010 Hope 4 Children Foundation in collaboration with Parris Harris Productions and Angel Entertainment hosted a classy and sassy Victorian Fashion Show to benefit Hope 4 Children Foundation. The fashion show was a non stop event, model after model walked to showcase the dresses, earings, their hair and make up.

On a press release by Hope 4 Children Grace Walker, founder said “Not a lot of people know that June is Rose Month. What other way to celebrate this symbol of love and beauty but through a charity fashion show featuring sexy fantasy and period costume gowns and dresses juxtaposed with trendy high-end accessories?”
The fashion show featured Daisy Viktoria new fantasy gowns, corsets and dresses. Also at the event they featured exclusive MAI Collections accessories such as luxury necklaces, rings and earrings.
Additional information:
ABOUT HOPE4CHILDREN: H.O.P.E.4Children is a nonprofit whose mission is to “Help Others Prosper through Education.” Our goal is to empower disadvantaged youth and communities by providing them with learning opportunities that will improve their quality of. To achieve this, we implement programs that focus on Education, Mentoring, Service and Scholarships. Our activities take form in a spectrum of ways including in-service workshops for educators; arts education and appreciation which includes producing, performing, emceeing, and marketing, fashion, arts, music, and entertainment charity shows; collection of supplies (clothes, medicine, toys, etc.) and educational materials for indigent schools; scholarships and awards to well-deserving students; mentoring emerging talents and providing them a platform to showcase themselves.Editor’s Note: Special thank you to Ms. Grace Walker for the invitation to the event. In a short note the venue Kress rooftop is nothing special. The check in person can not manage a guest list, because is hard to look for people names at night. Also They do not have any TV Screens at the rooftop neither a great stage. The sound system is fair okay. The parking is very expensive and their complimentary drinks are a joke.To read more visit Examiner.com at http://www.examiner.com/article/victorian-rose-fashion-show-benefiting-hope-4-children-foundation?sms_ss=digg&at_xt=4ca83a6bf49b22ac%2C0
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